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December 07, 2011

Months and months back writers posted on their blog pictures of their workspace.  At the time, I didn't have a particular space.  My workspace was wherever I could sit with my laptop.  On the couch.  In the bed.  At the kitchen table.  I got plenty of work done being a nomad writer but I wanted a space of my own.  A space I could office. Calling it an office and going "to work" every day has made my writing career more tangible? Realistic?  Plausible?

Well, I've carved out my own little space in the third car garage and here it is:

 Like how I've covertly stashed the "junk" behind the curtain wall to your left.  Ugh.

But my chair is really pretty:

I have a reading chair too:
With a little spot for Sookie to curl up.

Also have a workstation, for crafting stuff.  I hate the word "crafting."  It either says "Hi, I'm old." or reminds me of the kitsch crap you see at street fairs.

Here is my view from my desk into my courtyard.

Sookie likes to spend her time under my front of the space heater. 
(Did you  notice her in the first picture?)
It's California for god sakes.  Dog would never survive in less than 40 degrees.

So that's my space. Where all the magic happens.  Not like, the "magic" magic, but magic of the digital pen. I wish I have a fancy camera and could make the shots look like magazine photo spreads.  But alas, you must settle for my digital cannon.

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  1. I love it--so important to have a space of your own! Your comments on the craft corner cracked me up. The desk chair is pretty, but if I were you I'd be doing all my writing in that comfy easy chair ;) I've got to have my feet up to write, not sure why!

  2. Pretty! I know if I had a space heater my dogs would be doing the same thing...

  3. Rachel - Well, it's true. Crafting sounds, cheap, like thrifty cheap. I do a lot of projects and I don't like to say I thank you.

    Liz - Dogs crack me up. Give them a breeze and they'll swarm to it like a moth to a flame.

  4. Very nice! I like the cozy chair. If I had one like that, it's where I'd do all my writing.

  5. What a welcoming portion of space from which to create. It's rather different than mine...a little wooden desk with a laptop on it :)

  6. What a great space! It looks so comfy and inviting.

  7. Karen - I used too but I end up slumping and killing my back.

    Mohamed - It is rather sprawling. I'm happy to have my own space.

    Jessica - I just need to clean out the junk in the corner and it'd be perfect.

    Caroline - Thanks!

  8. Aw! That is so pretty!!! Someday, I'd love to have a room of my own like yours! For now, if you want to picture my work space, rent the remake of The Stepford Wives. Bette Midler's house? What her kitchen looks like? Picture an equally crowded desk stationed across the family room from the kitchen, and that's my work space. One of these these days...

  9. I continue my "house envy" of your gorgeous digs. So when is the time share sign up list coming out?

  10. Ara- I have a desk/nook in my kitchen. I'd kill somebody if I had to work there. Yuck. You poor soul. I love my room but the junk in the corner (my mother in laws crap) needs to go. I get space-a-phobic. ;)

    Leslie - you're so funny. I love love love my house. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I'm glad you got to see it first hand at the Scribbler's Dinner. Timeshare sign ARE funny. (Psst...I hear end of January is open. SCBWI NY BABY!) PS. I'll be emailing you over the weekend.

  11. It's awesome! I'm jealous. I'm excited for my husband and I to buy a house in the next couple of years so I can have my own designated writing space. Enjoy yours!

  12. Ghenet - Owning your own home is so fulfilling. This house is our third and it's my dream home. I love love love my house. When you get your own writing space, you will be surprised how much more productive you become.


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