I Have No Klout.

December 20, 2011

This really perturbs me. Or what really perturbs me, it that I let this perturb me.  For those of you who are “techtarded” (official term stolen from Ara Burklund), like I am, you probably have not heard of Klout.com. (Or recently you’ve heard of it.)  I officially discovered this from Ara’s blog this morning.  The website sounded vaguely familiar but I have never checked it out.

Apparently, Klout measures your social influence.  It takes all the social media networks you are associated with and rates your “Klout” on various levels.  It gives you an overall score, labels you as an “influencer” or a “conversationalist,” indicates what topics you are an authority on, and various other rankings.

The competitor in me needed to see how I rated among my peers. I signed in and added all my social networks and found out…I have no Klout.  I HAVE NO KLOUT!

I ranked a 31 but I am only a conversationalist, with no topics to be an authority on.  Klout has slapped me in the face. Those who barely know me, (via Twitter, FB or Blogger) know I breathe music and writing.  I mean, music and books ARE my life. To have Klout tell me those don’t even register on their scale, well, that’s like telling me I am nothing.  Delete delete delete.  Sure, I could improve my “Klout” rankings if I worked really hard…LIKE I NEED SOMEONE ELSE RIDING MY ASS ABOUT BEING MORE, BETTER, GREATER!  I do a fine job of that on my own. 

After I gave Klout.com the proverbial middle finger, I got mad at myself. 

I’ve never been a conformist or a follower. I try to be sometimes, but it just doesn’t look well on me.  I was never Miss Popular in school.  I don’t have a huge blog or twitter following.  The comments and page views on my blog are minimal.  My friends list on FB is not that big.  And for some reason, in the back of my mind, I let this define me.

This is why I am perturbed at myself.  Shame on me.  I am an intelligent and affable person.  My social network status does not define me.  Even in real life, I have a handful of dear friends and everyone else I consider acquaintances.  I have always been of the belief that quality supersedes quantity.  So why do I care or let this affect me? Maybe it’s my 16 year-old self still searching for a title.  Maybe it’s my competitive side peeking out.  Or maybe it’s just human nature to want to be accepted and matter.  Who the heck knows.  In these moments of social depravity, I remind myself what matters is usually within arm’s reach: my children, husband, and my health.  Everything else, gravy.

So how about you, do you give a Klout what your Klout score is? 
(They can’t even spell the word right and I’m going to listen to them?  Geesh.)

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  1. Hey here's something to make you feel better I am only a 27, technically a 27.13 but really that point 13 isn't that important. I find Klout sort of funny. I mean it would be cool to use if I was say trying to market something like say a movie or a book... but really for myself hahahaha it's just a sort of crazy and pointless thing.

    Yes I realize the whole "you are your brand" thing but I am my own brand and I prefer to be a perfectly happy and well adjusted (for the most part) person. Clout or no Klout.

  2. Nah, I have zero interest in checking out someone else's judgment of my online presence. In a year of blogging and tweeting, I've learned that having a solid online presence takes WORK, and that's energy I'd rather devote elsewhere. It's also not compatible with my general social awkwardness re: strangers.

    Anyway, I think you are awesome! Let's all roll our eyes at Klout and forget we ever heard of it! What was that site? Flout? Snout? I've already forgotten.

  3. Nah, I don't give it any credence whatsoever. I would have expected your rating to be way higher than mine since you have something like ten (twenty?) times as blog and twitter followers. Don't let it bother you!

  4. I read a few posts that gave some pretty solid reasons for quitting Klout, so I did. I got a few free things out of the deal, but in the end I didn't care all that much, so I quit and I am happy about that.

  5. I don't know if my self-esteem can take a Klout smack. I'll pop over to Ara's blog and check this thing out.

  6. Okay, I'm a measly 21. Not even a blip on the radar.

  7. Oh man, I can totally relate! I was just introduced to Klout a few weeks ago and I believe my score was 31 as well (and I don't even know if I'm an influencer or a conversationalist). Anyway, I had the same reaction: I AM SO LAME! I stink at social networking. Why can't I be carve out more time to get cool.

    But you're right. It doesn't matter. I should be happy just to be able to get to know interesting people and occasionally have a meaningful conversation. And I am happy--when I take the focus of scores and followers and whatever else and put it back on people and friendships.

    I think you're wonderful. :)

  8. thanks guys, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Gretchen – Well I didn’t even find it accurate. You can brand yourself without selling your soul.

    Rachel – That’s why I love you. Forget who? Exactly. And I agree, it is WORK. I’d rather spend my time working on my MS too.

    Ara – It did at first, but I just reminded myself that I create my own value, not some website who can’t even spell correctly.

    Jessica – I’d love to read those posts, if you remember where you read them. I deleted my info too. Like I need another website out there emailing me crap.

    Leslie – Don’t let it define you sweets. It’s just another worthless tool.

    Natalie – Aww, thanks. I think you are pretty wonderful too. My first reaction was I need to find more time to be “cool” too. But once I took the pressure off myself to increase my internet social status, it made it easier to see the important things.

  9. You have an amazing blog! I love how you have such a different perspective on things!!! Look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year in advance!


  10. I haven't used Klout and I don't care to look.

    Okay, it's a few minutes later and I looked and, oh well, I guess I'm not influential.

    We can't let our online presence define us. We're so much more.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I do get why it upsets you as well as why it shouldn't. I'm not good at keeping a presence online and whilst I have friends I am in no way "popular". Faced with my own mortality I realised that the thought of dying without ever having achived anything remeberable or important petrifies me. I just keep hoping I have got enough time left to do so.

  12. It only uses Twitter. That's it. It says it uses all those other things to determine your score, but at the end of the day, it's Twitter.

  13. Thanks the White List.

    Medeia - HA! I couldn't resist it either! Stinks, huh.

    Lina - Oh the popular people will always taunt us. I know that feeling, that desire to want to make your dent in the world. Focus on one soul, make a dent on them instead. It'll be much more profound.

    Anne - I think you are right. It stinks and I deleted my account info. Annoying, isn't it?


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