[Clever Post Title Here]

Yep, it's one of those blog posts.  That talk about a bunch of random [enter curse word here] I'm doing.  I had some great topic to talk about on Sunday and thought; Ooo, I'll save that for later this week.  No need to write the clever tittle down, I'll remember. *laughs wildly at naive self*

I have the blog timer going so I have to finish this post in 10 minutes.  It has to happen because I have to drive to my son's school and dig through the hoard of lost [enter school name here] uniform hoodies and hope to God I did write his name in his brand new sweatshirt.  8 minutes. 7 munutes. (Starred at computer for a minute thinking and watching as the time ticked on by.)

I'm so sick of talking about editing.  Aren't you?  I swear, I know you guys are thinking, "Enough already, sometimes you can edit too much."  And I agree but there are a few things CP's have suggested that I...agree need fixing.  It's almost ready, not quite there but almost. You know? 5 minutes.  You know what, I'm not in the mood to edit today.  Okay maybe I'll edit a little but I think I'd like to give myself time to research agents and start my spreadsheet.  Which with my type A personality will look like a stock market analysis. 3 minutes.  Good idea right.  And it will boost my enthusiasm for writing again.  2 minutes.  Hold on, while I go grab a clever image to insert to go with the theme of this post.

Done.  Bye!