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November 03, 2011

Yep, it's one of those blog posts.  That talk about a bunch of random [enter curse word here] I'm doing.  I had some great topic to talk about on Sunday and thought; Ooo, I'll save that for later this week.  No need to write the clever tittle down, I'll remember. *laughs wildly at naive self*

I have the blog timer going so I have to finish this post in 10 minutes.  It has to happen because I have to drive to my son's school and dig through the hoard of lost [enter school name here] uniform hoodies and hope to God I did write his name in his brand new sweatshirt.  8 minutes. 7 munutes. (Starred at computer for a minute thinking and watching as the time ticked on by.)

I'm so sick of talking about editing.  Aren't you?  I swear, I know you guys are thinking, "Enough already, sometimes you can edit too much."  And I agree but there are a few things CP's have suggested that I...agree need fixing.  It's almost ready, not quite there but almost. You know? 5 minutes.  You know what, I'm not in the mood to edit today.  Okay maybe I'll edit a little but I think I'd like to give myself time to research agents and start my spreadsheet.  Which with my type A personality will look like a stock market analysis. 3 minutes.  Good idea right.  And it will boost my enthusiasm for writing again.  2 minutes.  Hold on, while I go grab a clever image to insert to go with the theme of this post.

Done.  Bye!

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  1. Ha! You and me both, Dana, but I get to revise some more anyway. Catch you next week!

  2. Ha. Good luck with your revisions! I'm right there with you. :)

  3. Bahahahah, oh Dana you make me smile!

  4. Good luck with your agent spreadsheet! I had a lot of fun putting mine together.

  5. Dana, you crack me up. Postin' on the fly - I love it. Can I send all my post-it and possible agent scribbles to you to put on a spreadsheet? Oh, wait. That would require me organizing them into a single pile.

  6. Ara - So. Sick. Of. Editing. And this is only the beginning! Gah! I just want a beefier MS so I can query it. I'm soooooo freaking close!

    Ghenet - It's the polishing that will kill you. But the polishing is WAY easier than the heavy duty clean up. But with polishing, you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Gretchen - I am here for your entertainment. :D

    Jessica - I miss you sweets! And yes, spreadsheet is looking good and filling out pretty nicely, like Ryan Reynold's abs. I'm not worried about finding scammer agents but the mediocre ones scare me. SFWA has cleared me up on that.

    Leslie - I wing the post on the fly like nobody's business! Yes, send your post-it and agent scribble notes and I'll be happy to RECYCLE them. Hey no! Get your own spreadsheet going. Agent spreadsheets cause brain malfunctions, just fyi.


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