Cheating Is Okay, Right?

November 29, 2011

So I'm polishing my MS and it is going great.  I have a solid MS that needs a few "beef up" here and "slow down" there clean ups. I'm actually enjoying polishing now the heavy editing is complete.  But I cheated.

I know, I know.  What the heck was I thinking?  Well, I was doing just that, thinking.  I got an idea and at first it was harmless.  Me and Idea had coffee.  And then after coffee, Mr. Sexy Abs Idea invited me to lunch and one thing lead to another and before you know it, we had sex.  A few hours and 5OOO words later, a baby was born.

Now I know what you are thinking, "Oh Dana, didn't your momma raise you better?"

Girl, Momma didn't raise no fool.  I know that if I play too much with Mr. Sexy Abs Idea that I will start to neglect the MS I am so close to querying.  I just needed to flirt a little with Mr. Sexy Abs Idea and be reminded I've still got it, even though I'm married to Mr. Hurry Up And Query Me Manuscript.  I'm going to query you baby, don't you worry about that.  And Mr. Sexy Abs Idea, well sweets, it was a one night stand and the reality is, I may never call you again.  But I'll keep your number (read "book idea notes") and maybe later we can hook up again.

*fans self* Is it hot in here or is it just me?

The beauty of our fling, is that it really fueled my editing paralysis and my MS polishing is coming along nicely today.

So, do you feel guilty when you cheat?  Don't lie writers, everybody cheats, even if it's just a kiss, it's still cheating. ;)

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  1. This is a fantastic analogy.

    I can admit to cheating, and am glad your affair had such a positive spin on where you are with your edits.


  2. Thanks Harley May, while I was hot and heavy with Mr. Sexy Abs Idea, I thought I might never go back to my MS but I got it out of my system and it's caught my love of writing on fire. In the past, it killed a lot of MS's.

  3. I'm not even *allowed* to use the language necessary to describe myself with this analogy. I'm getting a little more discipline now that I'm in an actual creative writing class, but, well, progress is slow and involves much backsliding. You mad me laugh though! :)

  4. Tattered-Spinner I hear yah. I wanted to be way more graphic but my YA writing blog is PG-13: mild language, minor sexual content and Zombie violence. Backsliding? You must be a sinner from the south. Though we all want to cheat (and cheat heavy) it does take discipline to keep us on the straight and narrow.

  5. Ha! Love your analogies, Dana! I have qualms about working on two projects at once. Not to say I can't do it, but it feels weird, so I try to focus on one thing at a time.

  6. Ara - You feel dirty and sleazy, like YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING! I can't work on two projects at the same time either but the idea hit me like ton of bricks so I had to jot it down. All 5000 words of it.

  7. I just hope Mr. Sexy Abs Idea included Sexy Abs in those 5000 words. Just sayin....;)

  8. Oh so many inappropriate comments are flyin' through my noggin'. I'll just smile and keep them to myself. Yes, hello my name is Leslie and I'm a cheater. I'm just sayin' sometime the flings help the mojo ramp up.

  9. Nicole - WHy yes it did indeed. I don't think I can write a book without mentioning sexy abs. the horror.

    Leslie - I know, I had to PG13 edit my own post. But we have like minds, so I can imagine what you were thinking.


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