What Happened to the Girl?

I'm here.  I'm here.  I swear.  I know you are like:

"Yeah but you've been gone for like, a freaking month. WTF? And like when you get back, you're throwing parties I was SOOO not invited to."

I am so like: "Psha. I've had like...life stuff, dude. Be supportive."

And you're like: "Support this." And wing me a W with your fingers.

Then I'm like: "Whateves yourself.  You were so invited but you either couldn't come or didn't hop on a plane. Shut up."

Then you say something like: "What's up with this LAME valley girl voice? Skip off."

And then I kill the person who ever invented "like" and return on point.

So yeah, I hosted this writer's dinner party and it was a blast (check out Monday's post if you missed it.)  Which involved hand painting bags and organizing = a lot of time consumed.  Also kiddos in multiple sports will eat up gobs of time too.  Oh yeah, and I'm also a mother, wife, laundress, cook, chauffer, referee, friend, critique partner, editor, writer....and the list never ends.  Not to mention I recently found out I have Celiac disease.  Which in short, if I eat foods that contain gluten, it causes an immune reaction that results in damage to the small intestine and does not allow nutrients to be properly absorbed. Gluten is the type of protein found in wheat.  EVERYTHING HAS WHEAT!  So major diet changes here.

In writing related news, I finally finished editing my novel.

"Ooowhap Oooowhap" 
*pumps hands in the air like I just don't care* 
"Ooowhap Oooowhap" 

Strong 2nd draft here people.  Strong, like as in if an agent or editor randomly contacted me and said, "Hey, I heard you were like 9 kinds of brilliant please send me your pages." I would not be humiliated. Because you never know, Josh Adams could so do that.  Stranger things have happened, like sparkly vampires.  Just sayin'.

Is my MS ready to query, no, but the hardcore editing is done.  Now it's time for CP's and beta's two cents, one last overhaul and THEN, oh yeah baby, query time!  WHile I'm polishing, I've decided to allow myself to start researching agents, making a list, checking it twice and all that such nonsense.  I'll also be drafting a query letter, which terrifies the hell out of me.  But according to the women who came to the Scribbler's Fork dinner, they've got my back and will be happy to lend me their 2 cents.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And holy man, has it been a hard ride.  Some days I wanted to set my MS on fire (which would mean burning my computer and let's face it, no sucky first draft is worth the price of a new pink computer.)  (Yes my computer is pink. Jealous?)  But now that I am here, the hard work never felt so sweet.

Buzzzzzzzz. The blog timer has gone off (thanks Liz for that idea) and I am back to the MS.  I will really, really, really try not to disappear for longer than a week around here, I promise.

Since, I've been gone, what's up with you?