Sunday Downloads - The Scribbler's Fork 2011

As a part of my goodie bag for all my guests, at my writer's get-together, I included my fav's (top favs right now) playlist.

Disclaimer: Just because I "love" a song, does not mean I "love" the band. (Though most time I do.) So if you like a song I post and then realize the band's other songs are from left field, well, hey, I warned ya.

Here is the list.  After each song I make a brief comment, justifying my love.  Click on the link to explore my suggestion further, with either a video or previous post.

1• color blind-between the buried and me
—originally performed by the Counting Crows, this version gives a more acoustic sound simmered with a slower pace, fueling the drama of YA
2• colours-grouplove
—quirky and full of the indie, slightly off-skew/out there vibe I love
3• I wanna get u alone-joseph arthur
—buzzed electric guitar filled with funk and grind…and want
—acoustic, drugging tunes with a melodic voice
—folky, smooth duo with a feel-good-happy (weird video, don't let it scare you. song amazing.)
—wow, this song is like the epitome of my 16yo self; full of angst and feral need. *Warning:  F-word Used*
—beautiful, shared fears expressed from both sexes
—strong indie grunt with a flair for the unusual
—a tornado of music dancing in a harmonic funnel
10• a maidens last thoughts before bed-molly parden
—a reassuring love between two wedding, tender hearts
11• no ordinary love-the civil wars
—originally performed by Sade’s, this version is live, acoustic with a luring male accompaniment
—weird, quirky and all things bizarre mixed with absolutely beautiful, poetic and artistic
—heartbreakingly beautiful with a side of two-sides-of-the-story  
—funky grind and tragic
—a gruff gritty voice with a rolling deep “wave” of a smooth beat
—originally performed by David Bowie, this version is the polar opposite on a slow, smooth pumping of the hips
—the hurtful regret of following your heart’s obsession and knowing you’ll get burned
—the sharp truth of jagged edges and broken beings

These are my top top favs.  I hope you found them as moving as I do.