The Scribbler's Fork

This past Saturday night I hosted an informal dinner at my house for a bunch of local writers I've grown to love.  We gathered together for food and wine and fantastic writing conversation.  Guests ranged from never queried to agented, with each person's story as unique yet familiar as the other.  I have to say that every single woman there is an inspiration to me.  Each one has a positive, caring soul with a passion for writing and loves all the things writerly, most especially the neurotic nature of writers.  

It was refreshing and exhilarating to chat with so many fellow writers, for hours, about writing, books or the publishing industry.  And if it wasn't for SCBWI or twitter, non of us would have ever met.

Here are the people who came, click on their name to check out their blog:

Lisa Gail GreenLeslie Rose, Gretchen Schreiber (her friend Danielle was not a writer but a great sport), LK Gardner-Griffie, Liz Briggs, Rachel Searles, Ara Burkland  

Out of the whole night, this is the ONLY picture we ended up taking! Gah! Not because the wine was flowing too heavy (it was flowing just not heavy) but the conversation was so rich, photos didn't seem important.
(Lisa Gail Green, Me, Leslie Rose)

I thanked each guest for coming with a hand painted book bag, each with a YA theme.

Each filled with this:
(Book plates, notebook, pen, inspirational journal cards, book light, 
"Possess" book swag and a playlist of my favorite songs right now.)
(BTW guys, if you noticed all your book lights were open,
its because I wanted to make sure they all worked.  :)

We all had an awesome time and I can't wait to do it again next October.
Or as one guest suggested, it should be a biannual thing...maybe I'll host one again in the spring.

Love to all the amazing women who came.  Thank you for being honest passionate beings.  Muah!

Forgot to add, I had a contest for the most uniquely name dishes. Here are a few:

Bye Bye Gold Fish (spicy tuna rolls)
Stinky P (grilled asparagus wrapped in ham and Havarti cheese)
Rotten Cinderella (Pumpkin cheesecake bites)
Ruby Skunk (red wine)
Butt-in-chair Friendly Bites (veggie tray)
Dumb Dogs Tell No Tails (red wine)
Nuts and veins (bread and blue cheese)
Drunken Soldiers (biscotti)
Mint Condition Frankenstein (Mint chocolate cupcakes)
Monkey Brains (mushroom bites)
Pumpkin Pillows of the Gods (Cookie Couture)

And many other fabulous names but I can't remember them all!

We all voted and Leslie won the $10 Barnes and Noble gift card
 with her Dumb Dogs Tell No Tails (red wine)!