Things We Used To Do...That I Miss

And it makes me sad.

  • Watching the Miss America Pageant was important.
  • Waiting for Wizard of Oz to come on television that ONE time for the year.
  • Watching the space shuttle take off.
  • Having all television programs cease because the president had something to say.
  • Cartoons were on one hour after school and Saturday mornings.
  • After school specials.
I’m no longer a kid but these things don’t seem important anymore.  Heck, most of the time they go by unnoticed.  Does that mean Americans have lost their sense of value?  Or have our priorities changed?  Too many channels?  Too many options in life in general? 

You know what’s killing us?

Instant Gratification.  It’s worse than drugs and it’s taking over our society and our children.
What happened to thrill of anticipation?    What do you think?