Sunday Downloads - Let's Dance

Sometimes you just can't muck with a classic.  Case in point, American Idol contestants have fubared some of the greatest songs of all time by trying to "make it their own."  Not that a remake isn't possible, but you damn better know what you are doing.  Some have successfully transformed a great song, into another great song with  just with a different flavor.

Umbrella - Rihanna vs. Marrie Digby
I'll Always Love You - Dolly Parton vs. Whitney Houston
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who vs. Limp Biskit
Last Kiss - J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers vs. Pearl Jam

One may be your taste over the other but they are both quality, IMO.

Here's my latest find.  It's a remake of David Bowie's classic "Let's Dance."  It's totally different than the original version but I love it.  And of course, it has made it to my book playlist.  Since there is no "official" video, I've provided you with this:

You like?  Yeah?  No? Not even if I threatened to staple your eyes shut?  Me likey.  Sorry if I just ruined your favorite Bowie song. :D

By the way...I thought I scheduled this for yesterday but in error it was scheduled for today.  Sunday Downloads will usually be on Sunday.