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September 04, 2011

I have 10 books in my "to be read" stack and I am not sure what I should read next.  From my list I have three I am DYING to read but feel like I should hold back on.  Then I have a few "these will be nice to read when..." and the others are "I thought I wanted to read them, but now I'm wondering if I should have checked the library's status before buying."

Now slightly off subject, I feel the need to justify my book purchasing. Since the death of Borders (and my ability to buy used books for $1 and have them shipped to me for free) I have ONLY bought books that I MUST HAVE OR I WILL DYE FROM THE LACK THERE OF. (Or new releases that I doubt my library will carry anytime soon, much less ever.....considering I have not gone to my local library yet, I am basing this off of guesstimations.)

Beyond the "what I want to read," I wonder what I "should" read.   (And at this point if you want to choke me to death for abusing quotation marks, then I concur.) But hear out my logic.  Whatever I am reading can influence my writing. So if I read a present tense (that I enjoy) while writing a past tense book, I struggle with my tense.  I love Laini Taylor and I wish I could write like her.  Should I read her book while finishing my second edits or when I rewrite my 3rd?  Or to I read Kiersten White's "Supernaturally" because her MC's snarky lines inspired me? Or should I read a story that is a 180* from mine?

Yeah, I'm that kind of gal.  The one who likes to overcomplicate crap by over thinking everything.

So let me share with you what I have in my drawer (because all the books I buy but have not read, stay in a drawer. Only the books I've read get to claim trophy status on my book shelf.) (Unless they are romance smut, then I keep those suckers in the drawer because I don't want a soul to know I read that naughty stuff or god forbid, my kiddos pick it up and ask me what cunnilingus is.)  ;)

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  1. okay, I just choked on my Bailey's with that last line.

    This post really speaks to me because I feel the same way about timing what I read. I was careful to save Scott O'Dell's Bright Star, Black Dawn till after I completely finished my sled dog adventure.

    I also have a humungous pile of books I've purchased and haven't read yet, and keep ADDING to when I go to the bookstore because I have some kind of problem.


    I have only read three of these books, so not sure if I'll be any help - but I really liked Firelight. I actually just bought the sequel yesterday - Vanish.

    good luck!

  2. Oh oh oh, I can attest to the brilliance of Anna and the French Kiss. It's SO GOOD. Perfect for a light read.

  3. Ha ha ha- that last line was completely unexpected! I know exactly what you mean- I seem to have about fifty books waiting to be read because I got a whole load free from a stint as an intern at a publishing house- I don't know where to start! I keep them in a drawer and a box, partly to keep them seperate and partly because I've run out of space on my book shelf. I never used to notice the things I read affecting how I wrote, but I've recently finished a book in first person present tense, and found myself writing in first person present tense. *Shrugs.* Your book list looks great- the only one I've read off of it is Firelight, which I found ok but nothing special. Im now intrigued to look up the rest, so thanks for putting me onto them!

  4. Half of my bookshelf seems to be my to-be read pile and I'm always gaining more.

    As to what you should read right this very instant from your drawer....hmmm Anna and the French Kiss is the first one that we have in common. I've read Firelight, and it's ok I would say it's a less satisfying version of Twilight (this is my opinion). On the not so YA side I am dying to read the Tea Roes.

  5. Anna and the French Kiss. Done. Decision made. You're welcome.

  6. Bailey’s in your coffee, TerryLynn….nice. I’m so glad someone gets my timing issue. I’ve got a bunch of crazy reasons for why I can/can’t read certain books. Adding more books to the pile is a sickness. Firelight I bought as a risk, so I hope it pays off.

    Riley – Light read, that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. (I think Anna is winning the must read now contest.)

    Charlotte – Books I read influence my writing, my mood, etc. Not drastically but if I’m at a critical stage in a book it can confuse things for sure.

    Gretchen my sweets! Anna and the French Kiss seems to be winning out. I think I’ll have to read it first, but a really good blogger friend recommended Tea Roses and she hasn’t gave me a bad recommendation yet.

    Jessica – Three out of five say Anna and the French Kiss, so it’s a done deal.

    Thanks guys for your help!


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