Eni Mini Mini Mo

I have 10 books in my "to be read" stack and I am not sure what I should read next.  From my list I have three I am DYING to read but feel like I should hold back on.  Then I have a few "these will be nice to read when..." and the others are "I thought I wanted to read them, but now I'm wondering if I should have checked the library's status before buying."

Now slightly off subject, I feel the need to justify my book purchasing. Since the death of Borders (and my ability to buy used books for $1 and have them shipped to me for free) I have ONLY bought books that I MUST HAVE OR I WILL DYE FROM THE LACK THERE OF. (Or new releases that I doubt my library will carry anytime soon, much less ever.....considering I have not gone to my local library yet, I am basing this off of guesstimations.)

Beyond the "what I want to read," I wonder what I "should" read.   (And at this point if you want to choke me to death for abusing quotation marks, then I concur.) But hear out my logic.  Whatever I am reading can influence my writing. So if I read a present tense (that I enjoy) while writing a past tense book, I struggle with my tense.  I love Laini Taylor and I wish I could write like her.  Should I read her book while finishing my second edits or when I rewrite my 3rd?  Or to I read Kiersten White's "Supernaturally" because her MC's snarky lines inspired me? Or should I read a story that is a 180* from mine?

Yeah, I'm that kind of gal.  The one who likes to overcomplicate crap by over thinking everything.

So let me share with you what I have in my drawer (because all the books I buy but have not read, stay in a drawer. Only the books I've read get to claim trophy status on my book shelf.) (Unless they are romance smut, then I keep those suckers in the drawer because I don't want a soul to know I read that naughty stuff or god forbid, my kiddos pick it up and ask me what cunnilingus is.)  ;)