Where'd She Go?

I'm here, I'm here, I promise!  Don't file a missing persons report. I'm just heeding Laurie Halse Anderson's advice from SCBWI conference, "no farting around on the internet."  She didn't mean NEVER but when there are crunch times, know when to fold 'em.  You know what I mean?

For me, family first.  This summer with kiddos being home was a whirlwind, to say the least.  They started school about two weeks ago and with school, homework, and sports everyday (sometimes two sports, no joke...I hear ya, it's ridiculous.), it's all I can do to keep my family above water.  So I've been stingy with my time. 

Once my families needs are meet I focus on me.  First my mind and body, I HAVE to exercise, about as much as I need air.  Then, I write.  Or in my current status, edit.  Which is going VERY well.  Thank you very much for asking.  Thirdly, I try get in a little reading time.  Slow going lately because I was reading a very heavy book (The Windup Girl...will tell you more about that in another post.)  And lastly, I critique.  Sorry my lovely  CP partners.  *muah muah*  I love you guys but I'd expect you to put me last as well.

Oh, and did I mention, I also have this as a distraction:

Seriously folks, how am I supposed to get any work done with this thing staring at me all day?  Meet Sookie, my 3 month old Imperial Shih-Tzu (which is fancy for saying "miniature.")  She's the cutest sweetest thing and my family really loves her.

So am I back for a while?  Yes...I hope.  Unless my book needs me solo again.  Because let's face it peeps, this book ain't gonna publish itself.  I hope to blog at least three times a week.  

What about you ask? (Or maybe you didn't but I'm gonna tell you anyway.)
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And other great posts coming your way!

Thanks for letting me hid out for a bit to work on my MS.  And thanks for not protesting with pitch forks, or boycotting my blog, or unfollowing me.  (Well if you did unfollow me, I didn't notice.  And obviously you are not over me because you are here, reading this.  It's okay sweetie, I forgive you.)