Gah! Packing!

Tomorrow I'm heading out!  I'm going to go visit the folks for a few weeks.  Gonna get my twang on. Hope to get some reading done.  ~The duds I've picked up recently have made me skittish.  I just don't know if I can take another boring/poorly written/self-absorbed book.  Hope to get some critiquing done...but probably not much.  And editing my MS, Ha! Not. Gonna. Happen.  There will not be enough of a time block to sit down an focus while I'm in Tennessee. I do think I'm finally at that stage I need to print off a hard copy an see it in full.  You know?  Even though parts of it are broken, I need to see it in paper form to smother it in post-it notes and make a good set of notes in the margins.  By the time I red ink it to death, it will truly make the pen mightier than the sword.

But never fear, I plan to blog every day.  Key word "plan."  Plan to and what actually happens are two different things.  There are few days I will be without internet so plan or not, it won't happen.  Also, my posts will mostly be about me and my life in Tennessee.  Whether it be about now, childhood, etc.  So you'll get to see a little more about me.  Hopefully (dude, enough with the adverbs already) you find it interesting.

What are your summer plans?  Do they cramp your writing too?