There's This Thing Called a Library

It's a magical place where they let you borrow books...FOR FREE! (Duh Dana, hence the word "borrow.")

I've never been.  *cue collaborative gasp*

Yes, I'm a huge reader, thirty books this year so far. And yes, I. Purchase. Every. Single. Book.  No, I am not made of money but I shop for bargains, use coupons, get free shipping and buy used (Sometimes that only means $1 per book.)

I'm sure a lot of you already use your library but for me, it just felt like a hassle, for several reasons.  It's a little out of my way.  Don't want to wrangle kids while trying to pick a book.  There is usually a wait list for new releases (which for a while was all I read.)  Biggest reason, I didn't know what to read.  Prior to two years ago, I wasn't a big reader.  Honestly, I've just never given the idea a chance.

So why the big change now?   If you have been reading my blog lately, you've read my complaints about the disappointing books I've tried to read.  EPIC FAILS.  It happened again and I'm sick of complaining, along with being sick of my negativity.  (Negativity is disgusting and it just doesn't look good on me.)  So to combat my complaining, I've started a library book wish list, emphasis in the YA genre.  Obviously it won't be the latest releases but there are plenty of books out there that I haven't read.  Half my list comprises of books I feel I should read because I'm a YA writer or they are highly respected in the YA genre.  The other half of the list are possible FAILS, books whose reviews came back mixed.  But this time, I won't feel bitter or complain or feel guilty for not finishing them because I didn't actually pay money for them.  Yay!

I have about six books in my to-be-read pile that I want to read before I venture into the great wild beyond call the Library.  When I do eventually go, I will have a well prepared list and positive attitude in hand.