I'm a Tweaker. She's a Tweaker. Wouldn't you like to be a Tweaker too. Be a Tweaker. Drink Dr. Tweaker.

No, not as in drug addict.
And no, that is not some cool new slang for a Twitter addict. (Denial is bliss.)

I’m referring to the constant tinkering I do to my MS.  Creating a solid second draft has become…impossible?  Or rather subjective, because I can’t seem to leave well enough alone.  You see I am working on my MS, from beginning to end.  Doing a strong once-over for basic grammar clean-up and crap-cut.  (Crap Cut is an official term used by most editors.) I’m refining what I have while highlighting the problem areas.  Occasionally I must go back and clean up a plot thread and...here lies the problem.  That's when I get twitchy and I find myself tweaking the surrounding area. 

Just a little nip here, tuck there and the next thing you know, I’ve redrafted X chapter....again.  Sure it’s better but I got off task and I still haven't edited to the end. 

Technically 2nd draft is drafted in stages.  First chapter is on its forty-eleventh draft.  The next few chapters on a 4th draft and the end few chapters still in first draft form because I HAVEN’T FINISHED YET!

I want to carve out time.  I have the best intentions to ignore my children to get it done but I find tiny excuses to read blogs or twitter jump and the next thing you know that twenty seconds of piece I had, has been eaten by the Time Suck Monster.

Yes, I know I digressed from tweaking to edit stalling but it’s all relevant. 

Okay, today I am going to get serious.  I’m going to un-plug…starting tomorrow.  Don’t read me the riot act, I have to take said ignored offspring to the fair today.  Gotta ease the guilt somehow.  Geesh people, you're relentless.  

Tonight…if I’m not too tired, I’ll tweak the end chapters that I am avoiding because I hacked two chapters and have to rebuild the bridge to the end of my book. *gasps for breath* Wish me luck.