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June 14, 2011

No, not as in drug addict.
And no, that is not some cool new slang for a Twitter addict. (Denial is bliss.)

I’m referring to the constant tinkering I do to my MS.  Creating a solid second draft has become…impossible?  Or rather subjective, because I can’t seem to leave well enough alone.  You see I am working on my MS, from beginning to end.  Doing a strong once-over for basic grammar clean-up and crap-cut.  (Crap Cut is an official term used by most editors.) I’m refining what I have while highlighting the problem areas.  Occasionally I must go back and clean up a plot thread and...here lies the problem.  That's when I get twitchy and I find myself tweaking the surrounding area. 

Just a little nip here, tuck there and the next thing you know, I’ve redrafted X chapter....again.  Sure it’s better but I got off task and I still haven't edited to the end. 

Technically 2nd draft is drafted in stages.  First chapter is on its forty-eleventh draft.  The next few chapters on a 4th draft and the end few chapters still in first draft form because I HAVEN’T FINISHED YET!

I want to carve out time.  I have the best intentions to ignore my children to get it done but I find tiny excuses to read blogs or twitter jump and the next thing you know that twenty seconds of piece I had, has been eaten by the Time Suck Monster.

Yes, I know I digressed from tweaking to edit stalling but it’s all relevant. 

Okay, today I am going to get serious.  I’m going to un-plug…starting tomorrow.  Don’t read me the riot act, I have to take said ignored offspring to the fair today.  Gotta ease the guilt somehow.  Geesh people, you're relentless.  

Tonight…if I’m not too tired, I’ll tweak the end chapters that I am avoiding because I hacked two chapters and have to rebuild the bridge to the end of my book. *gasps for breath* Wish me luck. 

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  1. This post really brings up some good points. Because yes editing is necessary and most writers don't do enough of it! Then there is knowing when you are done. Even in publishing there are writers who just can't leave it alone and at some point, the editor says "you're done or this will never go to press."

  2. My first chapter has been edited within an inch of its life, and my last chapters are so rough they are like sandpaper. I feel like I'm never going to get it all to the same level!

  3. Karen - I know my first half is mostly done but my tail end...it hasn't been touched. I just need to STOP tweaking the beginning and finish.

    Jessica - LOVE your analogy: inch of it's life vs sandpaper. Such an accurate description. Especially feeling like it will NEVER get on the same level. I swear, it is my goal this week to finish the end.


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