Green-Eyed Monsters and more...Friday Highlights

Beating the Green-eyed Bastard!
We've all been there.  Call it jealousy or if you want to make yourself look less petty call it envy, either way, you want what you don't have.  My favorite part is the "Jealous Much?" points of jealousy he makes in the beginning.  Oh man, I've coveted a thing or two on that list.  We all take our own path, someday people might look at me with that same envious desire.  Check out a few other posts by Skinny Artist.  I like how his head thinks.

Reading Bad Books can be good...
I've blogged about this before.  It's what has pushed me to finish that book that has me ranting and raving to my husband like a mad lunatic (Since I don't publicly bash.  I'm a writer, not a book reviewer.)

Ambition, Risk and Consequence
Where do you swim?  Big fish little pond or with the sharks in the ocean?  Even though Bane reminds us of "Dream big, fall hard."  I counter with "Risk big, win big."

Taking Stock
We you think the road ahead it too far to reach, turn back and look at how far you have come.  Taking stock of your writing journey is the best way to do that.  Amy Nichols reminds us.