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June 08, 2011

These are four of the umpteenmillion books I have ordered recently for my to-be-read stack.  I can't decide.  I think I'm leaning toward the Dreamdark series Blackbringer by Laini Taylor.  She has some mean writing skillz and her style really influences mine to improve and helps me refine my own style, which could help with the revisions in my current WIP.   BUT the Infinity series is an urban fantasy, which is more of what my book is, so that could help my writing process now too.  Then again, should I be reading something opposite of my MS? Decisions, decisions.  I have some romance novels in that to be read stack but I'm trying to ground my head back in the YA genre to help me get this MS complete.

What do you think I should read next?

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  1. I'm not help to you at all! I haven't read any of these books, but wow, each cover is amazing. I'm reading CATCHING FIRE right now, and I realize I must be the last YA writer on the planet to do so!

  2. Julie! You are just now reading catching fire?!?! how is that possible? Well thank goodness you jumped on board. ;) I felt like that book went soooo fast. AMazing writer that Collins. Enjoy, it will end before you know it.

  3. Infinity's cover looks amazing!!


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