What's your gravity?

Right now I need a little heavy.

I'd love to say I had this amazing post written last week but blogger deleted it.  Well there is a half truth there....blogger deleted my "What's your gravity?" post.  The "amazing"...not so much.

But what I said in a nutshell is hey, I haven't been blogging lately but my blog hiatuses usually go in waves.  What I'm more concerned about, is my editing.  It has coasted to a halt as well.

Usually the idea of "someday I want to be published" pushes me when I can't otherwise move forward but now, it's not enough.  DON'T misread that, I still want, need, crave to be published but I feel like I have neglected my yard, my honey=do list, my LIFE and I'm playing catch up on the other side (other side read reality.)

I'm still enjoying my MS and characters but I am forty pages out from finishing my editing and then OFF to betas.  You'd think the "light at the end of the tunnel" joy would fuel my last laps here but no, I find myself unmotivated.  Maybe it has to do with the book I am reading now (which I will post about tomorrow.)  I am slightly panicked because I did want a completed, solid 3rd draft MS to take with me to SCBWI LA 2011.  Do you think that is possible?

Whatever the case may be, I need a little gravity to see me through to the end.  So I ask again, what is your gravity?