Plants vs. Angels?

May 26, 2011

Yeah so in my world plants are winning out. I neglected my life/yard/family to the point of desolation (not really) for the glory of the MS (which kind of involves angels, more like she's the daughter of a human race, divined by God with angelic powers, so angelish? It's a long story. I digress.) so I must re-inject myself in my MS or full collapse/implosion will occur.

(Cue diversion) To my right is a sweet succulent arrangement I created out by our pool. Nice huh? It's beauteous and low maintenance-ous. Which feeds to my i-can-ignore-it-and-it-will-probably-survive appeal. Thus the beauty of Southern California.

Annnnnnd on that note, or not, summer is coming. Which means kids are out of school on Friday? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FRIDAY!?! (For the record, I wrote "FOR THE LOVE OF GOE" instead of "GOD" I think my writer brain just invented a new god for my next book. Not.  But you know how our brains tangent.)

What the hey? How am I going to entertain these height deprived folk? Oh geesh, shall I sit by the fire and read them Alexander Pope poems? Heck no, not unless I want a revolt on my hands. Whatever summer shenanigans I in tell, there will be a minuscule amount of editing time.
Shall I remind myself of my SCBWI LA 2011 summer goal?
 The self-prescribed goal to have a solid 3rd draft ready to share by the conference.  

Why on God's green earth would I subject myself to that kind of "agent" pressure?

No, I plan to pretend there is no such enforced deadline for the MS...did I say "the MS?" That was a Freudian disassociation slip. I meant "my MS." Either way, I will ignore the fact that it has taken me A GAZILLION TIMES longer to edit the darn thing than write it............oh hell, I apples to rutabaga digress.

So now is the time I inhale and become one with and accept my predecessor published author's words of wisdom: "Enjoy the pre-published, no deadline stage while you can."

Yeah, I'm rolling it.

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  1. Nice plants! Good luck with getting everything done. Goals with deadlines can be stressful!

  2. Agreed the plants are beautiful and as for goal setting well the plan is to finish this draft before July. So you poke me to get to my goal and I'll poke at you for yours deal?

    As for pre-published long as it involves a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage while I slot through edits, I'm game. But then again post published bliss pretty much involves the same. :-)

  3. Dana, you make me laugh. I just dove into my Nano rough to start revising. Slow - going. I like to impose deadlines on myself as well. Pressure works for me.

  4. Yeah...enjoy the lack of deadlines while you can. When you are big and famous and published you won't have that luxury! ;-)

  5. Jenna - Thank you my dear and goals are stressful, most especially the self-induced kind.

    Gretchen - kids are home but I'm going to try like the dickens to get this thing done. Let's DO keep each other motivated, starting Monday. Okay make it Tuesday because Monday is Memorial day.

    Leslie - So glad you see the humor in my squirelly posts. I was all over the map here. THe funny thing is in the beginning I burned through revisions like a hot fire, now, the last forty pages, Beating my keester!

    Jessica - Yes Jessica, when I big and famous...I like the way you think ;)


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