One Story Told Two Ways

Sorry guys, been sick.  My head's not in the game this week (or last) so here's a post about writing and music. two points are pathetically unrelated and the second more apropos to the title of this post.

So many of us writers freak when have to capsulize our 75K word story in a 250 word synopsis.  But when you think about it, its done all the time in songs, so we shouldn't freak--in theory.  Most songs average 250 words.  Some artists, especially country artists, can summarize a lifetime in one song. (Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl")

Along the same lines, writers also tend to worry if their story is original (hence my current status.)  Seriously, how many ways can you spin the whole vampire angle?  From The Lost Boys, to Blade, to Twilight, to Trueblood...everybody's got their own vision of how the story plays out.  Despite the Twilight haters (Stop drinking the Hatorade already, people!) vampires are still popular.

You know what will separate your story from the rest....your voice.  (Cue pathetic tie of points.) Here is the same song performed two different ways and my indie/eclectic music loving heart loves them both for their individuality...for their voice.

(Don't let the freaky video detract from the song. :)

(This Jose Gonzalez version for Sony is cool too: