Me and a Perm plus Other Daily Life

Old friend from high school posted this on FB the other day.
I almost peed my pants laughing.

Yes, that is me with my tongue hanging out.  That's a lot of aqua net right there baby.  Just thought I'd share.

In other news, during my editing struggle (and thus slashing two chapters) I decided I could not possibly move forward with editing until I did an outline.  It's not as detailed as the outlines I have done in the past but more of a 4 step Craptastic Rough Draft, which consists of :
  1. Chapter # - What the heck is the overall objective?
  2. How many freaking locations do I jump through this time?
  3. Any plot threads worth mentioning?
  4. What on god's green earth is the cliffhanger?

It's my specialized copyrighted formula but feel free to use it if helps you too.  Doing this though, I've spotted two problems I didn't see before and hopefully by the time I am done, I will fix the pre-ending of my story that I just hacked. (pre-ending  = right before the big show down/climax) I'm back on track with my MS for sure.

As long as the young'ens don't pester me too much.

And to deal with those pesky varmets varmits (Freaking A! I can't spell!) varmints (or varments according to  I created daily to do's, chores and homework chart....yes I make my kids to light homework every day over the summer. Day 1, today, was a complete success.  They did twice as much as they were required, (which is a lot for my older boy.)  I also implemented a "No Electronics" for majority of the day but together we created a monster list of games to play or fun things to do.  I hope they don't burn through them all in the first week.  I work from home (work=writing) so they have to be happy hanging here.  

Beep, beep, beep goes the dryer.  Gotta go!