A little Inadequacy, Searching and Process

May 13, 2011

On Feeling Inadequate
On some level we all feel inadequate sometimes (or if you are in the middle of editing it's pretty much a 24/7 state of perpetualness.)  Taherah Mafi does a great job pointing out the normalcy of it and how to deal, especially if others think you are inadequate.  Her last line is the best.

5 Key Research Sites You May Have Missed (Plus Cool Tricks)
Are you guilty of researching everything via Google?  Yeah, me too.  Here are a few other sights that can help you narrow your search.  But the best part of her post, the "cool tricks" at the bottom when searching.

My Ten Steps to Novel Completion
Pantser?  Outliner?  Roni Loren nails it when she says "The only right way is what works for you." She writes down her steps to how she writes a novel.  Her second paragraph is so on the money.  Her ten steps are totally cool and not at all like I would write but, reading about her process, gives me an idea on how to streamline mine a little better.

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  1. That inadequacy post is something that everyone needs to hear! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. I wish I could say I was the one who wrote it but alas, it was the genius of Taherah Mafi. She is like an old soul I tell you.


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