Hiatus Comes With a Price

So the last two months my posting has slowed down because of life and editing.  But hiatus comes with a price.  The traffic through my blog is, well...nil.  I wish I could be one of the popular people who blog daily, twitter often and write novels in their spare time.  I can't.  I have family, children, priorities but with those commitments comes a price.

Yesterday Kristen Creative talked about how "Twitter is like a club" and I totally agree but not like YAMafia kind of way.  Those people who have the time to commit to Twitter, blogging or whatever social network are rewarded with popularity.  Because they are committed to consistency which brings an audience.  In my opinion, if you are that committed, you deserve the popularity.

So I flounder between, guilt and envy and pouting (I want to be cool!)  Guilt - because I want to build a social network for my future publications and hiatus is not building that.  Envy - for the peeps who have the time and blogwell from which they can pull from.  Pouting - because I don't have the first two.

Then it dawned on me (through Kristen's blog comments), I am not socially dependent upon my computer.  AND so we are clear, I am NOT saying those who are popular are dependent, I'm just trying to relieve some of my own guilt-envy-pouting and remind myself it's okay if I'm not popular ALL the time (or ever) in the virtual world.  

So I hereby decree a State of DowhateverIwanteth until said contract is struck with publisher for a book deal. At said (I like using "said" like that, yes I'm a dork) point in time I will hit the blog ground running and be a formidable face on Twitter, Blogger and Whatever-er.

That relieves some of the pressure I unnecessarily put on myself.  How about you, do you yield to the popular/cool gods?

Plus, summer is coming and kids will need my 24hr/day attention.  I'm gearing up for the summer vacay.  (Not to mention I will be in Tennessee visiting my peeps for three weeks.)