Suspended in Notes

Very rarely do I download and entire album.  With the ease of iTunes I can pick the songs I love and skip the rest.

Andrew Belle's "The Ladder", there's no skipping songs.

His music--brace yourself for the Dana cheese-- is a crescendo of layers, wrapped in a swirling funnel around you.  Each song has its own flavor but the essence of his style is threaded through them all.  I love the varied instruments, the indie feel but not so far gone it couldn't be on mainstream radio, the slight rasp of his voice, and how he hits that sweet spot of the acoustic guitar.

I tried to narrow down my favorites from the album, like the "The Ladder" or "Tower" but they are all so good it's hard to pick just one.  I will say, the song that best describes the layered tornado of his style "Don't Blame Yourself."  From the first notes you jump off the edge into the eye of the hurricane. But I also love the slow rich build in "Reach."

Just buy the whole darn album.  You will NOT be disappointed.  

For your viewing pleasure, here is the video "Static Waves" featuring Katie Herzig.  Her voice is beautiful.