Rock The Drop. Support Teen Lit Day.

Rock the Drop (or on twitter #rockthedrop) is dropping off teen books, preferably banned but any teen book will do, in covert locations: coffee shops, park benches, public libraries, etc. in honor of Teen Lit Day 4-12-11.  Read more about it here: Rock the Drop.  Support Teen Lit Day

Here's my Rock the Drop stash:

You are supposed to insert this awesome book plate:

But if your stupid printer is out of ink...again, you can do something like this:

*UPDATE: Thank you to the super observant Nicole for noticing I wrote the wrong date.  Luckily I have not left the house yet  (running late as usual) so I corrected my error.

Where am I dropping my books off:
  • Local Mexican deli down the street from our local high school where teens hang
  • Our public library
  • a coffee shop where teens hang after school
  • And any other place I can find
I hope you join in the cause and donate some of your YA books to an unsuspecting teen.