Operating System Not Found

Yep, that's what my computer is telling me right now. (Creating this post from hubby's iPad.) A part of me is totally freaked out and panicked because the latest version of my manuscript has not been saved,to a separate file, for about three weeks. the other part reminds me that my computer has become mysteriously disconnected from the mother board before and there had been no damage. I'm praying for that outcome again.

In the meantime, I have this view to look at for the next four days.

Darn it! IPad doesn't have a memory card slot ... I know, go here:

We are at the same place we stayed last time but a different golf course view. We love this place. So in the mean time, until my computer gets fixed next week, you won't be hearing from me that much.

PS. Can't preview via iPad so I hope this post looks okay.