The Dark and Hollow Places

Every writer has an author they adore. Sure I love a lot of authors but Carrie Ryan in particular has a special place in my book loving heart.  What I love most about her work, is how she develops her main characters.  We spend most of the book inside the characters head, consuming the world through their emotions and inner turmoil.   That is the challenging aspect of my writing.  Something I hope to fix.  Her first book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, spun me into a world of desolation, love and fear two years ago.   Who knew the Zombie Apocalypse could be so amazing?   It was one of the first books I read that ignited my desire to read.  For the record, no, I wasn't one of those brilliant people who've read since birth and new at the age of five they wanted to be a writer.  (It just smacked me in the head a few years ago and I went with it.)

You say Zombie Apocalypse and everyone, says, "Meh.  Not a zombie fan."  I didn't know it was about zombies when I first read it but it's not the "I want to eat your brains" cheesy Hollywood horror film kind of zombie story.  I mean, yes, they want to eat your flesh but Carrie Ryan builds this unbelievable world of desperation and romance that will leave you wanting more.  Now that I've finished the third book, I'm sad.  The only consolation to the end are her anthologies.  From her blog she lists her short stories (some published, others for free) and quite a few relate The Forest of Hands and Teeth world.  Either via a side character's story, or how it all began or ten years after the Return, etc.  Little candy gems to sweeten the pain of the series ending.

The exciting thing, I got to meet her yesterday at a book signing.

(Dude, what up with my hair?  It's in a cute ponytail with wispys hanging down but here it looks like fly-a-way scraps of a botched haircut.  I digress.)  Carrie Ryan is full of wit, humility and Zombology.  She loves what she does and infects us all with her story telling.   Author signings are so inspiring.  If you haven't been to one, you should, writer or reader, it's just so gratifying.