Writer Validation, Reality and the Mob

My writer self esteem is pretty pathetic, most of the time.  Every once in a while we all need a little writer validation.  It's just enough to keep me going and dream of publication.

Writers Like Us
You guys know me, I'm a sucker for the "Hey, isn't this just like writers."  And I think "Yes, and maybe that means I'll actually succeed at this writing thing." Here is Natalie Balm just Being Honest as she talks about the emotional writer roller coaster we all love to ride.

I'm barely NOT an amateur...I think.
In my search for the technical correctness of how to do something grammatical, I came across this old article.  It talks about the common Marks of the Amateur writer. Alicia over at Editorrent asked her editor friends, "What tips you off about a submission that this isn't an experienced writer? What are the marks of the amateur?"  I'm happy to say, I don't abuse a majority of the mistakes listed.  I said majority.  Homophones on the other hand, will be the death of me.  Ugh.

More Author Reality Please
I love it when authors and writers keep it real and remind us all of the reality of writing.  Here, Elle Strauss talks about The Submission Quandary, and just like Natalie up above, she writes out the highs and lows of waiting for publication.

I control my future not the YAMafia.
And in other news...though I didn't know the term "YAMafia" existed, it does kind of feel like one is out there.  The concept "writers/authors/bloggers/reviewers, who have the power to choose who gets to be publishd, who gets to be reviewed/who gets to review, and basically rule the publishing world" Like all groups, there does seem to be a clique of people here in the writing blog world that are all "in" with each other, the "cool" group if you will.  (A brutal reminder of  high school, when I wanted to be apart of the "cool" crowd and I tried so hard.  Finally after high school I decided to be me.  Then and only then, did anyone notice me.)  Anyway, I digress.  Here is Gretchen's thoughts on the #YAMafia craze.  I think the idea is crap.  People are just trying to come up with another excuse WHY their not published.  Here is another good article from the YA Highway Field Trip Friday Special Edition: The YA Mafia.  (Lots of good links to click on there.)  Here's a thought, when all else fails, write a good book.