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March 08, 2011

...when you've bought a book and five pages into it you realize YOU HATE IT?  Don't ask me what book it is because I'm not going to tell. (And no, it is not the one I have listed in the sidebar as currently reading.) The style is...well, odd and the writing is telling.  I don't know the publishing company but I do plan to look it up to see if this is a self published book publisher.  (Not telling you the publisher either.)  Now that I've spent the money and I don't like it, what should I do with it?  What do you do with dud books you can't return?

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  1. I usually either donate mine to the library or sell them back to the used book store in our town.

  2. I usually drop off stuff at goodwill but books alway seem to get lost there. If I can't find a local used book store, I will donate them to the library. I didn't even think of that...duh. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  3. Oh lord, is this one I told you to buy!!! HAHA!!

  4. That is a shame. You could give it away and hope someone will enjoy reading it. Or you could keep it somewhere prominent to act as a reminder about the kind of writing you want to achieve.

  5. Usually don't buy books unless I've heard a lot about them. Maybe pass it on and see if someone else likes it. I've never donated to the library before but I'm sure they'll appreciate it and if no one reads it then they'll try to to sell it. It's funny how picky we become when we become writers. How are you coming with your book. I'd still think about how good that first chapter is.

  6. I’d probably put it back on my shelf and try reading it again at a later date. If I still hated it, it would probably end up in a Goodwill sack.

  7. Lord no Nicole, I haven't gotten that one in the mail yet. But I do need more suggestions soon, for those ~special~ interest books you got me going on. *wink, wink. I'll email you later.

    Elaine - I could give it away on my blog but then I'd have wait a few months so y'all wouldn't know.

    Mary that is usually my policy too but this one I let my curiosity get the best of me and darn it, I won't let that happen again. THe book you read, is on the shelf for now. Edits suffocated me and I needed distance. I do plan to go back to it but I have another book I've been working my tail off and I hope in a couple of weeks I can forward you the first chapter and see if you're interested in betaing for me.

    Jane, it's not so much the story as the style. I can't describe it but it just annoys the crap out of me. I don't know if picking it up later would change that. Ugh. But I'm in no rush to pitch it so maybe I will give it another peek later.

    Thanks you guys. I guess this is a lesson learned NOT to jump the boat on purchasing a book.

  8. I donate books to the library, Goodwill, or a consignment shop. You could also try selling it online if it's worth the trouble.

  9. Uses for bummer books:

    1. Collage background.
    2. Kindling.
    3. Unstable chair support.
    4. Stepping stool (especially effective if book is thick)
    5. Stress release (Throw across the room and continue throwing until stress subsides)

    My Blog

  10. I donate mine. :) Every so often One time, I found out a book I couldn't get into was by a friend's favorite author, so it worked out and I gave it to her. That's pretty rare though. Donate, and leave more space for the books you love.

  11. Laura, oh, selling online...maybe I'll try that.

    Catherine - Hehehehe. You are too cute. I will definitely use #5 and hubby better hope he is not in my way.

    Diana - I don't have any friends around me that read YA (except you and Janelle 2 hours away, but I wouldn't torture you with this. :)but I agree with you, I need to pitch it and leave space for the books I love. Very nicely said.


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