Well, if the truth be told...

March 10, 2011

1.  I started a fake and bake yesterday.  (To get ready for our spring break trip in Palm Springs.)  My lily white @$s, now a little pinked after 5 minutes, thinks maybe I should have gone with the spray tan.  Yikes.

2.  Today, I don't want to do this writing gig anymore.  I'm in a rut of "going nowhere" and I think it's because I haven't had a decent book to read in like two weeks.  Also, my music supply has been subpar at best.

3.  In high school I was in a don't-give-a-crap mood and decided on my ACT's to circle all "C".  I made a 16 out of 32.  I took it again later.  Studied, tried and made....not much higher. (Finger and thumb to the forehead.)

4.  I'm like to go on Facebook and look up my high school sweetheart who broke my heart, ripped it out of my chest and stomped on it.  I like to smile at his now very fat face and manly looking wife and think, Thank God that loser cheated on me.  He did me a favor.

5. Speaking of Facebook, I had the privilege, twice now, of DENYING a very popular girl in high school's befriendment (not a word).  Karma sucks!  Thank you for letting me be petty.

And those are the truths I have to share with you today.

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  1. I hope you find some inspiration to help you out of your writing rut. Those times are so frustrating for me.

    I like your FB truths! Made me laugh...:)

  2. Ahh FB truths, there is nothing like a defying of a friend request to wake you up in the morning.

    No idea if you like book recs or not, but here are some of my current favs.

    Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz, it's like Gossip Girl and Twilight had children. The later books are kinda tripy but the first several are a fun read.
    The Mercy Thompson books, not YA but still fun and supernaturally awesome.
    Or my current to die for books The Parasol Protectorate series, the first one is called Soulless.

    Hope the tanning goes better!

  3. Yes, a good book always evaporates the writing fog for me. I like your candid fb truths!
    My Blog

  4. Jamie - good book or a good music will cure it every time. I need take the time this weekend to download and order from Borders.

    Gretchen - I LOVE book and music recommendations. I will check yours out. For the record, my skin is tan this AM not pink. Phew! Guess my body needed to get over the tanning shock.

    Catherine - I love the way you phrased that, "evaporates the writing fog" That is exactly what it does! I'm petty sometimes, I'll admit it, even though it doesn't frame me in the perfect light. But dang it felt GOOD!

  5. I jumped over from Nicole's blog. Thanks for comic relief. I can certainly relate....well, except I'm dealing sunless tanning lotion self-application mishaps instead.

  6. Aah! The infamous sister in law! Shucks, I'm flattered you blogged jumped. Glad to give you a giggle. Tanning lotion crusts up around my wrinkled parts and looks like a dirt bath. Can't do the stuff.

    I just adore Nicole. Even if she's going Lollipop Slick these days. (Ask her if you don't know what that means?)


  7. DANA!!!!!!!!

    I know I was prettier than you in high school, but please accept my friend request!! LOL

    Hi Tracy!!

  8. Ha! Dana, she dragged me under a long time ago!!! Seriously, Nicole's a gem! As one of my kiddos pointed out, "it's kinda weird b/c you act like friends but you are really family" (after listening to us jabber & crack-up on the phone, while trying to speak in code - sophisticated book reviews, I'm sure).
    I've read a handful of your posts, love your blog!
    Hey Nicole! Glad we got to catch up-you slick momma, you. ;)

  9. NICOLE!!!!! You know Tracy knew...PA-lease. And yes, girl in high school was miss popular because she had money...period. Nice one day, nasty the next. Denial is sweet revenge.

    Tracy!!!! She is a gem. And you kids comment is so cute. I'd like to be apart of those "coded" conversations. I bet we'd have a blast discussing those "sophisticated" books.


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