Not here because I'm somewhere else....

Well technically I'm not there yet but I'm not here either.  I'm not blogging because my mind is elsewhere.  This weekend I have a writer's conference to go to...AT A WINERY!  Yeah baby!  That's how the CA SCWBI roll.   But I can't be here blogging because my mind is on editing because it's a small conference and I might chat with an editor.

I'm not ready to chat.

I'm not ready to share.

I'm going to learn.  But opportunities can happen.  I'm nervous.  I need to get some sort of pitch ready...but I'm not ready. Can you feel my panic?  I'm totally in WTF-am-I-doing mode.

When all else fails, throw on the country accent. (Sad but true nervous habit.)
Wish me luck this weekend.  See you next week peeps. Muah!