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March 24, 2011

Well technically I'm not there yet but I'm not here either.  I'm not blogging because my mind is elsewhere.  This weekend I have a writer's conference to go to...AT A WINERY!  Yeah baby!  That's how the CA SCWBI roll.   But I can't be here blogging because my mind is on editing because it's a small conference and I might chat with an editor.

I'm not ready to chat.

I'm not ready to share.

I'm going to learn.  But opportunities can happen.  I'm nervous.  I need to get some sort of pitch ready...but I'm not ready. Can you feel my panic?  I'm totally in WTF-am-I-doing mode.

When all else fails, throw on the country accent. (Sad but true nervous habit.)
Wish me luck this weekend.  See you next week peeps. Muah!

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  1. Deep breaths. Just be yourself and have fun. They'll love you; you're brilliant(and adorable)!

  2. WOOT WOOT!!!! I'm keeping everything crossed for you. If all else fails, threaten them!!

    LOL, kidding!

  3. Have fun! I love SCBWI conferences and the winery setting sounds awesome!

  4. Hey!!!! I'm going to be there too!!!!! Seriously, I hope I recognize you from your pic, because I'm terrible like that. Please say hi if I don't do it first!!

  5. Have such a good time!
    The one thing I've learned in college is this: you're never ready--so if the chance presents itself jump feet first.
    Just remember to smile and if all else fails ask them what their favorite book is.

  6. Aw Catherine, you're adorable too. And yes, breathing is good. Oh god, it's tonight. *breathes*

    Nicole--yeah baby! I'm good with threats...Like "hey read my MS or I'll open up a can of Country Whoop Ass on you!" You think the editors will like that? :p

    Ghenet - Writing and WIne go hand in hand, leave it to the OC SCBWI to swing swag style. Love these conferences.

    YAY! LISA! I will know two people there!!!! Yes, I have your twitter pic burned in my brain, I hope I recognize you too. (I suck at that too.) And look, Jessica Love will be there too.

    Yay Jessica...because you blogged about it is how I found out. SO much fun.

    Gretchen, NICE advice...Ask them their favorite book is a great way to get them to talking and shut me up because my nerves and blabbering mouth get in the way sometimes. Thank my dear critique partner.

    Off to pack everyone! See you next week!

  7. So excited to hear about how the conference was! I've always kinda wanted to go to one, but I get anxiety about the unknown, haha. (That's 60% a joke. :) )

  8. Ru, you have to go to a few conferences. The smaller the better for making connections with other writers. I will post more about my weekend this week.

  9. Fab retreat because I met YOU, Dana. I won't mention eggs. Lovin' your blog.

  10. I hope you had a great time!

    Have an awesome weekend.


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