The Evil Time Suck(s)

Yesterday, full on my high to get this darn MS edited, I did not allow myself to indulge in any time sucks expect 2 minutes at lunch...

That meant:
1. No twitter.
2. No Facebook.  (Easy to ignore.  I mean seriously, who does Facebook anymore.)
2. No blog comments replied to. (Wrote Monday's blog last week.)
3. No blog comments written to other blogs.
4. No checking of email.  (Which in the past was hard because my iPod touch dinged every time I got a new mail.  Figured out how to turn that nifty little feature off.)
5. No phone calls.
6. No idle research on parts of my story.

And guess what, no one died unable to get a hold of me and I edited five chapters.  Yeah, I don't want to hear how diciplined you other people are with that crap.  Some days I'm pretty good about it but lately, when the editing gets tough, I get distracted.