Lost Comments

You can do it however you want to but for me, one stop shopping is best.

How many times have you wrote a novel in the comments, pressed the comment button and hastily exited just as your comment refreshed to the second page for word verification.  Doh!  You can go back, but your marathon comment is G O N E, gone.

Arrgh! Frustrating...very seldom do I try to rewrite them.  I just move on.

Let me save you from losing precious comments.
  • Under your "Dashboard" settings, click the "Comments" tab.  
  • Under "Comment Form Placement" select "Pop-up Window"  
  • Comments will pop-up in a separate window, with word verification (if you have that on) and all on one page. So when your followers press "Comment" their job is done.  No sneaky second page to throw them off.
That's all I wanted to say.  Carry on.