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February 15, 2011

You can do it however you want to but for me, one stop shopping is best.

How many times have you wrote a novel in the comments, pressed the comment button and hastily exited just as your comment refreshed to the second page for word verification.  Doh!  You can go back, but your marathon comment is G O N E, gone.

Arrgh! Frustrating...very seldom do I try to rewrite them.  I just move on.

Let me save you from losing precious comments.
  • Under your "Dashboard" settings, click the "Comments" tab.  
  • Under "Comment Form Placement" select "Pop-up Window"  
  • Comments will pop-up in a separate window, with word verification (if you have that on) and all on one page. So when your followers press "Comment" their job is done.  No sneaky second page to throw them off.
That's all I wanted to say.  Carry on.

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  1. LOL I JUST had this very thing happen to me. I was about to tear my hair out! I did get the comment in though - and btw, your word verification is on.

  2. It'll make you want to strangle your computer, won't it? I have to have my word verification on because when I don't, I get a boatload of spam. It's crazy. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Did it make you go to two different screens Lisa? It shouldn't. it should be all one page. Let me know.

  4. Oh gosh, I HATE IT when that happens. When I am completely in love with a comment...I sometimes copy it before I do anything!! lol

    seriously! I'm with you though, if I lose it I rarely re do.

  5. Now I'm wondering if my pop-out window is on...I couldn't find the comment form placement on my dashboard.

    By the way, yours is all on one page.

  6. By the way, I took your advice.

    GEEZ, if you had something to say you could have used my name!!


  7. And here I thought, from your post title, you had something to say about a TV show that takes place on a mysterious island.

    Seriously though, I hate, hate, hate having to recreate genius comments. Lightning never strikes twice. Thanks for making the change.

  8. I hate that, and I didn't know the pop up window would solve it, thanks!!

    I'm soooo not techy :P


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