Liking the Writer Skin I’m in

Okay, I’ve recovered from my aneurysm.  Phew!  I know, I probably lost like half my followers but the brain has to do what the brain has to do.  On to my skin.

All things writerly make me feel like I have finally found the right skin to be in.  I usually reserve my true self, in light of being judged or thought of as odd or even just plain weird.  My close friends know me ~pretty well but I still tend to curb my more askew thoughts for the fear they might not “get me.” But you know what the best thing about my writer skin is?  I surrounded by a bunch of other weirdos.

Yep.  There are lot of us out there, some weirder than others but we writers all seem to have the same sense of humor.  Why is it when I read a corky thing another writer does, I feel more confirmed as a writer?  Like being proud when we’ve not showered in days and have thoroughly ignored our families all for the sake of our manuscript. As Kiersten points out:   Writers love their crazy Or when Kristin Cashore talks about her writing process I realize how much all writers have in common:

“When people knock on the door, I hide. When my phone rings, I yell, "Oh, who the hell is bothering me now?!" and don't answer.” 

(I’ve made those exact statements.) 

So this writer skin, makes me feel like I can be me, a little more than I usually allow.  And I like it.

(Don't ask.  I was in a weird mood when I wrote the text on this image.)