Feel it in My Bones

You know that feeling of confidence, that no matter what anyone says, they can’t shake you. You just feel it so strongly, right down to your bones.  That’s how I feel about this manuscript. 

Yes, every manuscript a writer always feels “this is the one.”  And yes, I’m saying it for the fourth time now.  But the difference is, the first three I “hoped” this was the one.  Now I know it.

How, do you ask? 

The simple answer, you just know.  But it’s not a simple answer.  It’s complicated on all kinds of levels.  You don’t want the simple answer, now do you.  Fine, let me see if I can unravel it for you.  I wrote this baby uninhibited.  No over thinking.  No preconceived notions.  Just pure straight, set my perfectionist meddlesome habits to the side and wrote.  Secondly, when I got to a thick spot that felt like cold molasses under my feet, I kept walking and allowed myself to write the crap. 

Along the way my confidence on the piece has grown.  Each step I have felt more secure.  (Unlike my other pieces where I faked it until I made it.)  Now that I am in the editing stage, my confidence is tenfold.  Sure, there are all kinds of plot holes, useless plot threads, areas of weak voice and a whole bunch of what-the-heck-am-I-trying-to-say spots but I see them coming a mile away.  Unlike previous manuscripts where I had no idea what was wrong with it. (Couldn’t see the forest for the trees syndrome.)

I am very well aware that admitting my confidence in this manuscript has probably sealed its fate as permanently unpublished.  But I really don’t believe that or care.  
I’ll be done in a month or so.
I’ll query it.  
And I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

(Psst.  Is it just me or can you hear my twang in this post?)
Image Source: Free from Stock.xchng.