Zombies on My Lawn

Hey!  *waves* Remember me?  Zombies have been invading my lawn and stomping on my daisies and I haven't had much time for blogging.  Which really sucks because I've got several notes on blogs I'd like to write but hey, when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade for the lawn zombies and wait for the apocalypse to end.

For me, I'm writing the ending of my book which is a complete nightmare.  Though I have the end all worked out in my brain, the paper doesn't want to cooperate.  Stupid paper.  

Plus all that moaning from outside is keeping me from being focused. Maybe I'll feed the zombies my neighbors so they will shut up for a while.  

No, can't do that.  They will be like a stray cat, once you feed them, THEY'LL NEVER LEAVE!  Oh well, at least I can avoid the lawn work for now.  (Who am I kidding, I pay people to do our lawn.)

PS.  Did I tell you I'm reading a popular book right now that really stinks?  Ugh.