I just might have to plagiarize.

Looking to expand my literary mind, I asked my new blogger buddy Nicole to recommend a good trashy romance novel. (Yeah, because she's that kind of a gal. Just kidding.) She recommended Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas.  It came in the mail yesterday and I plan to start it tonight.  A little curious I peeked at the inside, hoping to read the word "thrust" with the first few paragraphs.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. (I have to tell you on a re-read of my post I originally wrote "presently" instead of "pleasantly".  Oh homonyms, you've gotta love 'em.)

Here is the most heartfelt, loving dedication I have ever read.  I hope my book dedication speaks so lovingly.

To my husband, Greg, who is my true love, my best friend, my adventure, my comfort, and the compass in the map of my heart.  For giving the best hugs, making me feel beautiful, being funny and smart, choosing the perfect wine, taking care of the family and always being the most interesting person in the room.

Wow.  That is exactly how I feel about my honey (Except take out the "choosing the perfect wine" and insert "making the perfect martini." And the whole bit about "Greg", my hubby might not like that.)

From time to time my mind has flitted to what I might put on this page of my published novel.  I just might have to plagiarize.

What will your dedication say?