Giggles and A Reality Check

January 29, 2011

Text speak gone wrong.  I almost peed my pants when I read how this text went down between her and her husband.  My husband did the same thing when I showed it to him.  
Actual E-mail Conversation with Hubbykins This Morning by Karen Adkins

Continuing with the giggles, I pilfered through Karen's blog and came across her critique partners'.  This takes multitasking to a whole new level. But the very valid point, of what are you willing to do to get published.
How bad do you want it? by Kristin Gray

Reality Check
As a follow up to my post the other day about not giving bad book reviews, here's another reason why with an author's perspective.
Being Published changes Everything by Stacia Kane

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  1. Bwar, I tried to go to the Stacia Kane link, but it took me to your post :-/

    I'll tell you what-- I will never want my lawn mown THAT badly :P But I totally will learn a little French/Icelandic/Spanish/Italian/Latin for the sake of my book when needed!

  2. LOL that was awesome!! I less than three you Dana!!!

  3. Amaila - I fixed the link, sorry about that. Stacia is a published author and she talks about her thoughts on bad reviews. She has a very good point. The post gets lengthy after awhile but you get the point. Her final thoughts are you a book reviewer or writer. I agree.

    Diana, I less than three you too! *giggles* PS. Di, have you read Graceling and Fire? I just did, really nice/different reads.


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