Do you Goodreads or Shelfari?

Originally I discovered Shelfari a year and a half ago when I got back into reading.  (Kids can suck the brains out of you, you know?)  Not long after joining Shelfari I found out about Goodreads.  In efforts to NOT give myself more work (Freaking A, who needs more work? Unless your an agent then "Me! I do! I do!)  I decided to stick with Shelfari and not transfer all my stuff to Goodreads or maintain both.

What do you do?  Is there a difference?  I see Goodreads in the blogosphere way more than Shelfari so I'm wondering if I picked the wrong team.  (Kind of like those people who picked Team Gayle over Team Peeta...Ha!  Just messing with you Team Gayle people (*mumbles "even though you picked wrong.")

If the both book shelves are equal in the universe then yay!  Someday my book will be on those shelves and I want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.