Procrastination, Classification, Deflation and More

Here's another dose of Dana's clicky clicky links that I think you should check out.

10 Signs You *May* Be Procrastinating Revisions
I have to give props to my sugary sweet critique partner for her clever and oh so true list of distractions for why you're not revising.  I'm sure you will have a few frivolous chores of your own to add to the list.

The Big Ol' Genre Glossary
With all the genres and sub-genres, Jennifer Laughran classifies the reading 
species like a true biologist.

Do not show your writing to your mother or your lover
I am amazed at some of the blogs I've read who actually brag on their website that "X unqualified person I have a personal relationship with" read my story and loved it, then turn over and complain about rejection letters.  As this article states, "It would like asking me to look at your plumbing just because I was the closest person around."

The Down and Dirty on Editing
We all know the evil of editing stifles our writing but our overly eager selves can't help but do it anyway.  Like Steena Holmes reminds us "Don't edit - just write."  Here she gives a list of great editing links to help you get through the process with minimal damage.

The Bookshelf Muse
Finding the right word to describe a color, emotion, shape and more.  The Bookshelf Muse has created a Thesaurus data base of to help you describe something better.