Rejection, Art and Reflection

November 19, 2010

There is so much to read out there. So many great articles but there is just not enough time to read them all.

Here are my links for this week that I hope help you weed through all the fabulous advice.

Guest Blog: Three Reasons an Agent Rejects Your Pages by Chuck Sambuchino 
He says if you suspect a problem with your manuscript then your reader're not ready to query.  How many times do you grumble to yourself when you thought your critique partner might not notice that teensy-weensy problem but they did?   Doh!  He gives great examples of that exact scenario.

A Poem of Novels
TH Mafi has wowed me again, which she does quite often.  She is an amazing spirit and happy soul.  Go check her artwork.  (Tiny sample here.)

Best Tweets for Writers (Week Ending 11/12/10)
Jane Freidman is a formal publisher and editorial director of Writer's Digest.  She captures a weeks worth of valuable tweets that writers should read.  (Hence where I got my first link.)  There are lots of links for every writer in every stage.

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  1. Great links! I hope you're having fun in the snow, miss you!!!!!

  2. Hi, Dana! *waving*

    I can't wait to see how you and Diana do on reeking blog havoc amongst each other. Sounds like fun!

    Thanks for the wonderful links!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (I'm following you, now)

    ~Elizabeth :)

  3. Di! We had a blast. Love the sledding.

    Elizabeth - So glad you stopped by and decided to follow. Yes Diana and I try to stir up a fuss when we can, (psst, she's more of the trouble maker of the duo ;)

  4. I love the poem of novels. Hope you're having a great weekend.


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