Shattered and Defunct

October 25, 2010

See this:

Yep, that'd be Sheshe's face, all cancered up with fractures.  (Sheshe is my pink laptop's name.)  Don't know how it happened.  Thankfully I can still order an monitor replacement but it will take 10 to 12 business days to get here.  BUSINESS DAYS I said!  @$%#?  *growls* Then tech guys a few more days to install.  In the meantime I've hijacked my dinosaur, 600 ton monitor.  This monitor is upstairs.  Upstairs is the place I never go.  Don't like having to travel so far just to look up something "real quick" on the computer because going that far doesn't make anything "real quick."

That's all i have to say about that.
Thank you and goodnight.

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  1. How horrible for you. I'm sad, but I like Upstairs. I would like to go there. But I don't have one.

    Cool pink monitor though.

  2. Noooooooo!

    Hopefully the monitor arrives FASTER than estimated and the tech guys show up on its heels! You have my sympathies!

  3. That makes my tummy hurt. Glad the rest is okay.

  4. That's crazy!! I would be dying of curiosity wondering how the heck that happened!!!

    I'm glad you'll be getting a new one soon. Boo on having to wait!

  5. I hope you get a new computer soon! This is absolutely awful. Your poor, poor computer!!

  6. Poor screen. I hate it when beloved machinery breaks down.

  7. Thanks you guys. It's been a couple of weeks since you all commented, sorry I am just now getting around to commenting back. I now have my sweet baby back under my fingertips and we are spending a lot of valuable time together. I think the hubby might be getting jealous.


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