Kill the boring! That’d be me.

Prior to the last two poems I posted, have I not BORED YOU TO DEATH?!? (Don’t answer that Season!)  I know my blogs lately have not had the flavor of my past words but this book has taken, no wait, zapped all my creativity!  And while I could apologize for my blog being so boring and minimal over the summer, I won’t.  Instead I wanna tell you what I’ve been doing. 

As you all read last week, I FINISHED MY WIP. (yay!)  That brings the question, is it still a WIP if I’m revising it?  Or does WIP refer the actual writing of the book?  If so, what do call a WIP after it’s complete but before it’s ready to query?  WIR? (R=Revisions)  Again, I’m over thinking things, which brings me to what I’ve been doing (when I haven’t bored you to death)…revising my book.

Holy shit, this is not easy.  Finally after a week I have revised…my chapter 1.  Yep, that’s it.   I started working on Ch. 2 a little but that is all.  I find I sit in front of the computer and think and rearrange and freeze and finally OVER ANALYZE every freaking detail!!!!  It drives me mad I tell you.  Stupid crap too, like do I have her do this tiny action before or after the big scene.  And really, I can’t see where it makes a big difference so I flipped a coin.

I read on Natalie Murphy’s blog the other day 10 Things You Should Know Before You Revise.  They were very simple but most important, realistic.  And that is what I need to remember because it is only my second draft and it will not be perfect (her #2) and it will take you longer than you think to revise (her #1).  Now granted I DO NOT think it will only take me a few days, but is a month reasonable?  We’ll see. My goal is to be finished or close to finished by the end of September.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

In the mean time, what do you think the most important thing to do/remember when revising?