In Memory of Zellie Blake

On September 5th 2010 the publishing community lost a fellow writer, Zellie Blake.  I'd love to tell you so much about her but I knew very little of her.  It was more of a chance passing.  Earlier this year I won a critique from Chimera Critiques and she was one of the writers that critiqued my work.  Upon receiving my critique she actually apologized for taking so long to get my critique back to me (like maybe a week) but the chemo was harder that week than she expected.  I was stunned and impressed.  How something as lowly as my critique still remained important to her even as she fought for her life.  This speaks volumes for a woman who chose never to give up.

Through Lulu she published the book she's been working on.  The proceeds from the purchase of that book will be donated to cancer research.  For more information please go to: