Things by Eloise Greenfield

August 31, 2010

-Eloise Greenfield

Went to the corner
Walked in the store
Bought me some candy
Ain’t got it no more
Ain’t got it no more

Went to the beach
Played on the shore
Built me a sandhouse
Ain’t got it no more
Ain’t got it no more

Went to the kitchen
Lay down on the floor
Made me a poem
Still got it
Still got it

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  1. Guess what else you got? Okay, maybe you didn't write that, but your previous blogging has earned you an award. It's been awhile, so come on over and pick it up.

  2. Words last forever--either on pages or in the heart. :)

  3. Tahereh, you should have heard Ashley Bryan chat in to the crowd. So moving.

    Matt, he man! IT has been a while. But I've been wrapped up in my finishing and revising my book but soon I hope to rejoin the blogging community. Thanks for the award, I'll come check it out.

    Karen, your comment was so beautiful. WOrds do last forever in your heart.


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