Contest Over...The Scorch Trials

August 12, 2010

UPDATE: Contest Over
I'm giddy with excitement and conflicted about this contest. I want the ARC but I  don't want to advertise about the contest because I want it but I can't win unless I enter and to enter I have to blog, tweet, etc. about it.  Darn it, I'm in a conundrum. (goes to dictionary to check spelling...and corrects spelling.)

FINE!  I'll tell you about the contest.  Go here to read about the ARC giveaway for THE SCORCH TRIALS by James Dashner.  This is the second book the THE MAZE RUNNER (loved it!)  According to Mr. Dashner's blog, he is finishing the third book THE DEATH CURE which the title sounds even more intriguing than the first two.

Good luck at winning the ARC!  Hopefully you'll be congratulating me and I can tell you what a fabulous read it was.  :) Bwhahaha!

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  1. I hope you win, Dana. The books sound intriguing. Tell you what. I won't enter but browse Amazon for the one book. See? Your odds just got one person better.

    Have a great end of the week. Roland

  2. hehe AWESOME. thanks for the link!

  3. Thanks!! I will hop over there now!!

  4. Hey Dana,

    You´ve got to read Tomorrow When the War Began. It´s YA page turning genius.

    Teens out camping in an isolated valley come home to find their small town is the frontline of an invasion.

    It´s also being made into a film.

  5. Roland you are a sweetheart to take yourself out of the competition. I definitely recommend the book. In the beginning you get just as frustrated as the main character but not enough to deter from finishing.

    Tahereh, Victoria, and Palindrome, I'd say "you're welcome" but I think I'll just say, "May the best woman win!"

    Janelle, That book sounds awesome. I will add it to the top of my buy list because currently I have 7 books to read stacked on my bedside table and three more on pre-order. My next two months is full. But THANKS for the suggestion. I always love that kind of stuff.

  6. ooh I can't wait to read that book - I can understand not wanting to let others know about the contest, but thank you for passing the word on anyway.

  7. Yeah Mary, it was a bitter sweet decision but I'm happy to point my buddies in that direction.

    And let me just comment on my previous comment above, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT GRAMMAR? Am I a writer or a third grader? Oy vey!

  8. I hope you win too!! Selfishly, I know I'll get to read it after you, heheheeeeee!!!!

    xoxox MUAH!! Countdown is on, my days are about to free up considerably in nine days woo hoo!!!


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