Contest Over...The Scorch Trials

UPDATE: Contest Over
I'm giddy with excitement and conflicted about this contest. I want the ARC but I  don't want to advertise about the contest because I want it but I can't win unless I enter and to enter I have to blog, tweet, etc. about it.  Darn it, I'm in a conundrum. (goes to dictionary to check spelling...and corrects spelling.)

FINE!  I'll tell you about the contest.  Go here to read about the ARC giveaway for THE SCORCH TRIALS by James Dashner.  This is the second book the THE MAZE RUNNER (loved it!)  According to Mr. Dashner's blog, he is finishing the third book THE DEATH CURE which the title sounds even more intriguing than the first two.

Good luck at winning the ARC!  Hopefully you'll be congratulating me and I can tell you what a fabulous read it was.  :) Bwhahaha!