Hunger Games Fanmade Movie Trailer

August 20, 2010

Two words: MOCKINGJAY!!!!!  Okay more like three syllables but dang it, is it Aug. 24th yet!!?!?!?  Freaking A I can't wait to get this book.  Sure I've anticipated a lot of sequeals but this one, like crack baby!

So incase you are not already following is a faboulous source for all things THE HUNGER GAMESish.  From their website I discovered this Hunger Games Fanmade Video.

Totally cool!

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  1. I knowwwwwwwwww! *whine whine* The worst of my whining self is breaking free.

    Can you imagine how quiet it's going to be online that day??

    As for me, I only have one word for you: PEETA (please let it be Peet....!)

  2. ooh yeah! I'm there with you in the line waiting! I also must say one word - GALE!!

    (love your hairy chest and duct tape image! too funny)

  3. Diana - You want to know the sad thing, I have to wait three more days for my copy to be shipped to me. :(

    Terry Lynn - You liked my hairy chest analogy. I same those for the special moments in my writing. Hehe. Seriously Gale? Well I have to say I'm a Peeta girl BUT I have a sneaky feeling this book will be all about Gale and Suzanne Collins might change a lot of minds....I wonder.

    AAAAHHHHHHHH! (tension breaker, had to be done)


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