The End is Near…but it’s not.

August 18, 2010

Can somebody please come over to my blog and shoot me already?  No I’m not preaching the end of the world again.  I’m a chapter away from ending my book and I’m stuck like duct tape to a hairy chest.  It’s going to be painful getting out of this one.   

Summer is over.  School is back in session.  I’ve run my errands and cleaned house so I can focus on my book and nothing can distract me.  I swear the laptop is staring at me.  Laughing.  Like “Come on fool, I’m right in front of you and what do you got…nothing.  Hahahahaha.”  Stupid laptop.

I can’t just put “The End” on it right now because I’m at a big cliffhanger but getting to the resolution of the big cliffhanger I lose momentum.  It’s my first draft and though I know it won’t be perfect, it ain’t good either.  I’m not even sure I have something viable to work with here at the end.  But I definitely need to finish it so my critique partner can tell me how awful it is and where I went wrong.

My Conclusion:
I need good music to download.
I need a good book to inspire me.
I need to get over the "first draft" so I can get to the good stuff, rewrites.

Any advice you guys?

I promise I will get back to my last three SCBWI blogs soon but for now.  I had to post this to get me through. THE END.  (At least I can write it somewhere.)

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  1. I feel your pain (believe me). I think I've found my way by looking for the emotional end for the characters and letting that lead the rest.

  2. I was just experiencing a similar problem. What worked for me was to close my WIP document, open a new one, and then describe what it was I was trying to finish, almost like talking to myself. I wasn't worrying about setting or characters, I was just getting the plan down on paper. I found it loosened the gates a bit and I could take those bones back to my WIP. Good luck!

  3. YOU CAN DO IT! Just trudge through and if it seems like you can't figure it out, write some notes about what you want it to be and send it to your critique partner anyway. It might help to have another set of eyes reading it and getting you on the right track.

  4. You three are brilliant and soooo helpful! Glad to know I am not alone in this.

    Tricia - yes the emotion is the one thing I have tapped into and it leads me to my end but I'm missing something.

    Jenna - I just did what you suggested (like talking it out on paper)and I think I've figured this thing out! So excited but I had to tell you that helped me so much!

    Ghenet - Thank you for your positive boost. So I took Jenna's suggestion but I have some fuzzy parts, so i'm going to send my CP what I have and just put random notes where I'm struggling (great suggestion BTW) and she will for sure be able to help me flesh this out.

    You guys are so awesome. I truly feel like I can get somewhere with this story today. I'll keep you posted if I finish.

  5. Oh my gosh Dana I have the same problem!! I did write it, but that is a huge JOKE. I wrote a few paragraphs of "this is happening here, and this is happening there. That girl almost dies, it's a good thing so-and-so comes along. They kiss, the whole crazy thing is finally over. The End." This is so ridiculous!!!!! I WILL rewrite it, just not now. I can't get into it now!

  6. I felt exactly the same.
    The huge life or death situation was easy to write. Ending without whimpering out like a deflating balloon? That was much harder. I also think, psychologically, I didn't want to get to the end.
    Keep at it.
    God luck.


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