The End is Near…but it’s not.

Can somebody please come over to my blog and shoot me already?  No I’m not preaching the end of the world again.  I’m a chapter away from ending my book and I’m stuck like duct tape to a hairy chest.  It’s going to be painful getting out of this one.   

Summer is over.  School is back in session.  I’ve run my errands and cleaned house so I can focus on my book and nothing can distract me.  I swear the laptop is staring at me.  Laughing.  Like “Come on fool, I’m right in front of you and what do you got…nothing.  Hahahahaha.”  Stupid laptop.

I can’t just put “The End” on it right now because I’m at a big cliffhanger but getting to the resolution of the big cliffhanger I lose momentum.  It’s my first draft and though I know it won’t be perfect, it ain’t good either.  I’m not even sure I have something viable to work with here at the end.  But I definitely need to finish it so my critique partner can tell me how awful it is and where I went wrong.

My Conclusion:
I need good music to download.
I need a good book to inspire me.
I need to get over the "first draft" so I can get to the good stuff, rewrites.

Any advice you guys?

I promise I will get back to my last three SCBWI blogs soon but for now.  I had to post this to get me through. THE END.  (At least I can write it somewhere.)