Just Putting It Out There

July 06, 2010

So many insecurities come from being unpublished.  It’s more so for me because I’ve never even queried a book, thankfully.  When I learned from all of you that the first book never gets published, I was crushed.  “Seriously?”  And thank god you guys were right!  My first book, though it has a great concept, SUCKS!  It has so much suckage, I’ve renamed it VACUUM by Dana Elmendorf. 

Then I started book two but halfway through I bailed it like a bad prom date for my current WIP.  Book two’s outline is written so thoroughly that I just need to drop in a “he said” and “she said” it will be finished.  But alas, the shiny new idea won out and I love love love my current WIP.  I love it so much I think I’m going to marry it.  And I’m so close to the finish line I can almost smell my gold medal.  Because every finished book needs something shiny to commemorate the hard work and there aren’t enough sparkly vampires in Forks to pass around.

This weekend I wrote like a marathon runner (or maybe half marathon) and put down 7423K words of pure goodness.  Now I’m 13,500K away from reaching my 85,000 goal, which I suspect I’ll surpass just trying to get the entire story out.  (To be whittled down later.)  “Pure goodness” I call it because you know how it is, one minute you’re a genius and then two months later when you look back at your work, you realize “genius” might be a euphoric state instead of an actuality.

But before you discount your genius, you roll around in it a while.  You think “If I finish my book before SCBWI conference, I can take copies of my MS and pass them out to all the Agents there who will adore my work and beg for representation on the spot.”  (Hell, they might even duel in the conference convention center right there.  Who knows?)  Then you read THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy (while high on Genius) and you think “I could write a Pulitzer some day.”  (Hold on, I’m LMAO.  And I think I peed my pants.)

But wait a minute, who am I to dismiss myself so quickly?  Aren’t there enough people out there in life putting us down, keeping us in check and we’re dismissing ourselves too?  

I’m done with that.  No more, “keep it real Dana.”

Now I’m not going stand here and say “I will be awarded the Pulitzer some day.” because that’s not really a goal of mine (but it would be sweet, just sayin’.)  BUT (big but here. better here than in your jeans) “I will be published.” You probably won’t read on the SCBWI news headlines about a sword fight that broke out over one writer’s manuscript.  But if I don’t allow myself to dream about the possibilities of being published, what am I doing here? 

I believe in karma and the power of the positive working with the universe (The Secret or not).  This close to the end of my book, one that I love but my critique buddy has not yet cleaned up for me, I’m going work to get this baby published. 

I’m just putting it out there. 

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  1. You can do it! I'm impressed by how fast you write. 7000 words in one weekend--good for you!

    I don't know if I believe the whole "first book never gets published" thing. I'm currently working on my first book (I've started and stopped a couple others) and I think that as long as I work my ass off on it, it can (and will) be publishable!

  2. Good for you! You have to believe. :)

  3. Great post, Dana! I also believe in the power of positive thinking. Good for you and keep it up!!!

  4. Love this post! I think you're right about "putting it out there". I've been forgetting that lately, so your post is timely for me, to help me remember. I love the mock up cover and title - I'd read that book!

  5. I'm excited for you. And the cover looks like a winner! Keep it up and an agent is bound to snatch you up.:0)

  6. Whoa being able to write so much in a weekend is very impressive!

  7. Ghenet – It was a one time deal. The only other time I came close was when I started this novel and wrote 25K in ten days. Now that was crazy. If you don’t believe in the 1st book publish idea, GOOD FOR YOU! You go and prove the publishing community wrong.

    Anissa – If I don’t believe in me then who will? You know.

    Laura – Not only the power of positive but my friend read the Secret and said that you shouldn’t even put negatives in your positive statement. Like “I’m NOT going to abuse adverbs anymore in my writing?” Instead you say “I’m going to use adverbs properly and sparingly.” The universe does not like negatives.

    Fiona – I’m so glad I can be there for you at the right moment. You’d read my book on cover alone? Did I tell you I just bumped you to my top five fav people?  Thanks

    Kathi – That’s right, I will be snatched up. I’m even thinking there might be swords drawn, who knows?

    WordsR4writing – Yes be impressed because it will most likely NEVER happen again. Oh wait, positive thinking. Thanks you, I’ll achieve that again with my book 2.

  8. Very nice post. You're smart to write the book that's currently whispering to you. To do otherwise is to work without energy, and that is the death of writing. Well done, and good luck.

  9. Hey Sean, thanks for checking me out. You're right, my current WIP whispers to me and if it didn't I couldn't find the energy to write. Thanks good well wishes. It's always nice when someone published stops by.

  10. That's so wonderful! I'm especially impressed (like everybody else) with the 7k+. That's how you know you're writing the book you're meant to ;]

  11. wonderful post. I read the whole thing while smiling and nodding my head. Yes, yes, YES! It's so exciting reading about someone's ms love. I also got that after I wrote my ms that got me an agent. So listen to yourself. You are so close!
    Keep up your awesome attitude, woman. Love it.

  12. Lia - The 7K still baffles me too. I proud of myself if I must say so.

    Terry - I love hearing what you truly love to write about gets you an agent. I just can't be one of those trend chasers. I feel really positive these last few weeks, especially now that I so close to finishing my WIP.

  13. Love this post. Keep telling yourself "I will be published."

    It works! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  14. Keep writing and be positive, and it will happen.


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